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150,000 Mile Antifreeze Coolant - Full Strength

150,000 Mile Antifreeze Coolant - Full Strength

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  • Ethylene glycol base.
  • Compatible with all antifreezes including orange Dex-Cool™.
  • Lasts for 5 years, 150,000 miles or 2,500 hours.
  • Protects all engine metals.
  • Reduces formation of abrasive solids to help extend water pump life.
  • Orange in color.


Caution: Do not remove radiator cap if engine is hot. 1. Check cooling system for leaks, loose connections or worn parts. 2. Remove radiator cap, open radiator and engine block drains, then flush system completely with clean water. For best results use Star brite Radiator Flush to clean system. 3. Close radiator and engine block drains when all water is drained out of system. 4. Fill radiator with desired ratio of antifreeze and water, making sure that the level is slightly lower than the filler neck. 5. Set heater on high and run the engine to normal temperature; the thermostat should now open, releasing any trapped air. If necessary, add more solution to fill radiator. 6. Finally, replace radiator cap and check for any leaks.

Dilution Ratings

For optimum, year around protection against freezing, boil overs and corrosion, a 50% solution of Star brite 150,000 Mile Antifreeze Coolant and water is recommended (1 part antifreeze, 1 part water). For the ultimate protection against freezing, use a 60% solution of Star brite 150,000 Mile Antifreeze Coolant (3 parts antifreeze, 2 parts water). Concentrations of this product greater than 67% or less than 40% are NOT recommended.

Dex-Cool™ is a registered trademark of GM Corp.

Dilution Ratio ˚F ( ˚C)
Boiling Protection @ 50% 265 (129.4)
Freezing Protection @ 50% -34 (-37.2)
Freezing Protection @ 40% -12 (-24.4)
Freezing Protection @ 60% -61 (-51.7)

Handling and Warning

Star brite 150,000 Mile Antifreeze Coolant is silicate and phosphate free, therefore it will not polymerize to silicate gel and has an extended shelf life of up to 8 years! Do not dispose of this product or any solution of this product unlawfully. Dispose of used coolant in accordance with local, state and federal laws.

WARNING: Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Do not drink in any form. If swallowed, induce vomiting immediately and call physician. Do not store in open or unlabeled containers. Contains ETHYLENE GLYCOL. Do not use container for food storage. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.


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