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Marine Descaling Fluid - RTU

Marine Descaling Fluid - RTU


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Star brite Descaling Fluid is designed to safely and quickly remove scale, calcium deposits, corrosion, salt and carbon buildup in your raw water cooled systems. These deposits can cause your engine to run hot or result in AC system inefficiencies by restricting water flow through the cooling jackets, tubes and heat exchangers. Calcium and scale buildup also may damage your water pumps if debris is dislodged and allowed to flow down into pump housing. Descaling Fluid WILL NOT damage seals, gaskets, rubber impellers or hoses.

Star brite Marine Descaling Fluid can be recirculated through any system where descaling is needed. Recirculation allows for minimal dismantling and a faster return-to-service for equipment. The product can also be used as a soak by submerging components in the fluid to eliminate deposits.

NOTE: Marine Descaling Fluid may discolor some metals, chrome coatings, stainless and alloys. Proper education on how each system operates is critical prior to using Marine Descaling Fluid. Star brite is not responsible for damages due to improper procedure or use of product.



  • Removes scale and deposits from all marine engines
  • Will not damage engine seals, gaskets or rubber impellers
  • Available in Concentrate and Ready-To-Use formulas


Descaling by Recirculation:
1. Isolate and drain system to be descaled, making sure no raw water can be introduced during the process. Disable compressor or chiller to prevent operation during descaling. Flush system with fresh water to remove any remaining sea water prior to beginning.

2. Fill system with the required amount* of ready- to-use Descaling Fluid. Set up a recirculating system with a suitable pump in which both inputs and outputs feed/drain solution from a container or bucket (If unable to use a pump, you may also allow product to soak within the system for 4-8 hours). DO NOT seal the system off, as gassing will occur during the process and excess pressure may cause damage.

3. Drain solution from system and dispose in accordance with local, state and federal laws.

4. Flush system with fresh water to remove any remaining descaling fluid, and then reassemble properly. It is recommended to replace all sacrificial anodes at this time.

Equipment Soak:
Fully submerge equipment in solution for 4-8 hours, or until scale has dissolved.
Rinse with fresh water.

*Amount varies by system.

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