Star Tron Small Engine Formula & Stabilizer Plus Display

14670 Star Tron Small Engine Formula & Stabilizer Plus Display

  • 143.A1Star Tron® Enzyme Fuel Treatment is a revolutionary fuel additive that utilizes enzyme technology to enhance the performance of boats, automobiles, trucks, RVs, tractors, farm equipment, generators, lawn mowers, lawn equipment, oil burning furnaces and all other small engines.

    • Increases Economy 
    • Reduces Emissions
    • Eliminates Black Soot and Exhaust Stains
    • Removes Carbon Build-Up
    • Stabilizes Gas & Diesel Fuels
    • Eliminates & Prevents Ethanol Fuel Problems  

    performance2Star Tron Is Ideal For All Engines, Including: Cars, Trucks, Boats (2-cycle & 4-cycle), Motorcycles, ATVs, Lawn Mowers, Generator, Heavy Equipment, Snowmobiles, RVs, WeedEaters, Personal Watercraft and Diesel Engines.

  • Available in 3 concentrations for easy mixing in any size application.

    Startron Formula 143 400Startron FormulaTab 930 400Startron FormulaTab 931 400

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