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Ultimate Aluminum Protectant

809 Ultimate Aluminum Protectant

Cleans, shines & protects aluminum & stainless steel surfaces.

Ultimate Xtreme Clean

832 Ultimate Xtreme Clean

Spray on, rinse off to clean vinyl, fiberglass, plastic, metal or painted surfaces.

Ultimate Aluminum Polish

876 Ultimate Aluminum Polish

Star brite Ultimate Aluminum Polish maintains the beauty of new and restored aluminum and is ideal for all unpainted aluminum surfaces.

Ultimate Aluminum Cleaner / Restorer

877 Ultimate Aluminum Cleaner / Restorer

Star brite Ultimate Aluminum Cleaner & Restorer is engineered to bring back unpainted aluminum surfaces that have become dull or stained.

Ultimate Carpet Clean

889 Ultimate Carpet Clean

Dissolves oily stains, grease, fish blood and dirt.

Ultimate Metalflake Polish with PTEF

913 Ultimate Metalflake Polish with PTEF

Specially formulated for all metal flake and bass boat hull finishes.

Ultimate Water Spot Remover

920 Ultimate Water Spot Remover

The easiest way to remove unsightly water spots.

Ultimate Corrosion Blocker 22 Oz

954 Ultimate Corrosion Blocker 22 Oz

The easiest, most effective way to protect engine blocks, nuts & bolts, trim & tilt rams, trailers, anchors, chain and all other metal surfaces from corrosion.

Ultimate Vinyl Guard

959 Ultimate Vinyl Guard

Enhances appearance and UV protection to all vinyl, rubber, plastic and leather surfaces.

Ultimate Vinyl Clean

962 Ultimate Vinyl Clean

Formulated to remove tough stains, greasy smears and grime

Ultimate Bike Guard

980 Ultimate Bike Guard

Spray it onto the bike or a cloth, wiping it evenly across the surface, then lightly buff to reveal a clean, shiny, "bike show quality" finish.

Ultimate Lubricating Fluid with CERFLON®

982 Ultimate Lubricating Fluid with CERFLON®

Combines CERFLON® for unsurpassed lubrication properties and Lanolin to coat surfaces in order to repel dirt and moisture

Ultimate Xtreme Protectant

988 Ultimate Xtreme Protectant

Helps block UV rays that cause fading & drying

Ultimate Fiberglass Stain Remover

989 Ultimate Fiberglass Stain Remover

New Gel formula "sticks" where applied for maximum cling time and cleaning power.

Utility Brush

40025 Utility Brush

Every Boat needs one of these.

Utility Brush - Long Handle

40026 Utility Brush - Long Handle

With the long handle you can reach places deep down with ease.

Ultimate Water Absorber

40046P Ultimate Water Absorber

ULTIMATE drying power for all surfaces!

Ultra Chamois Mop

40104 Ultra Chamois Mop

The ideal way to dry decks and other marine surfaces.

Ultimate Magic Sponge XL

41008 Ultimate Magic Sponge XL

The fastest way to remove stains, scuffs and streaks from fiberglass and vinyl surfaces.