Marine Maintenance Chemicals

Bio-Origin Antifreeze

325 Bio-Origin Antifreeze

A Natural Alternative to Glycol-Based Antifreeze

Premium Boiler System Antifreeze -60ºF (-50°C)

328 Premium Boiler System Antifreeze -60ºF (-50°C)

Propylene Glycol Antifreeze For Hydronic Heating & Cooling Systems

Tea Tree Gel - Tub

965 Tea Tree Gel - Tub

Genuine Australian tea tree oil; ideal for winterized boats & year-round use

Ultimate Xtreme Protectant

988 Ultimate Xtreme Protectant

Helps block UV rays that cause fading & drying

Ultimate Fiberglass Stain Remover

989 Ultimate Fiberglass Stain Remover

New Gel formula "sticks" where applied for maximum cling time and cleaning power.

Salt Remover

9049 Salt Remover

Engine Flust, Cleaner & Corrosion Inhibitor

8200 Marine Polyurethane Sealant / Adhesive

83301 8200 Marine Polyurethane Sealant / Adhesive

Marine Polyurethane Sealant/Adhesive is suited for applications where a permanent bond is needed such as joining decks to hulls, joining wood to fiberglass orfor hull seams

Premium Marine Polish

857 Premium Marine Polish

The ultimate protection for fiberglass, metal & painted surfaces

Premium Cleaner Wax

896 Premium Cleaner Wax

Cleans, shines and protects in one step

Ultimate Fabric Clean

92132 Ultimate Fabric Clean

Ideal for all marine, RV and outdoor fabrics

Ultimate Pontoon Deck Cleaner

96332 Ultimate Pontoon Deck Cleaner

Safe for all decks, carpets and vinyl

Ultimate Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser

96432 Ultimate Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser

Uses the power of citrus to remove the toughest grime, dirt, fish blood, grease stains and more

Tea Tree Oil - Spray

96516 Tea Tree Oil - Spray

Genuine Australian tea tree oil; ideal for winterized boats & year-round use

Non-Skid Deck Wax

97316 Non-Skid Deck Wax

Provides a non-slippery barrier against stains and UV exposure