Salt Off

Salt Off

Protecting against corrosion caused by salt is an issue that ranges from boats used in saltwater to snowmobiles ridden along roads treated with rock salt. Star brite's Salt Off with PTEF is formulated to quickly and effectively remove salt deposits from all metal, fiberglass, vinyl, rubber, glass, plastic and painted surfaces. An applicator allows it be used to flush engines or to quickly spray the underside of trailers and vehicles that have been exposed to salt. Available in a handy, ready-to-use spray as well as larger concentrated sizes to treat larger areas, Salt Off can also be used with Star brite's Trailer Spa system.

Salt Off Concentrate

939 Salt Off Concentrate

Removes salt deposits from all marine surfaces.

Salt Remover

9049 Salt Remover

Engine Flust, Cleaner & Corrosion Inhibitor

Salt Remover Kit w/Applicator

9050 Salt Remover Kit w/Applicator

Salt Remover & Corrosion Inhibitor

Salt Off – Ready To Use

939 Salt Off – Ready To Use

Removes salt deposits from all marine surfaces.

Salt Off Applicator

94100 Salt Off Applicator

Allows easy application of Salt Off®