Star brite offers a wide range of sealants and adhesives for every application. Marine Silicone's 100% silicone formula will not turn yellow or sag, works in extreme temperatures, can be used above or below the waterline, bonds to fiberglass, plastic, wood, glass and metal, and is unaffected by sunlight, weathering and most chemicals.

Marine Silicone Sealant

821 Marine Silicone Sealant

Bonds to fiberglass, wood, glass, metal and some plastics; can be used above and below the waterline.

Liquid Gasket

829 Liquid Gasket

Makes gaskets quickly, easily.

Liquid Electrical Tape - LET

841 Liquid Electrical Tape - LET

Forms an airtight, protective, waterproof, UV resistant, dielectric coating.

Dip-It Whip-It

849 Dip-It Whip-It

Prevents unraveling.


924 Caulk-A-Way

No scratching.

Caulk Rite

925 Caulk Rite

Great for applying grout between tiles.

Epoxy Syringe

934 Epoxy Syringe

Convenient self-metering syringe applicator.

8200 Marine Polyurethane Sealant / Adhesive

83301 8200 Marine Polyurethane Sealant / Adhesive

Marine Polyurethane Sealant/Adhesive is suited for applications where a permanent bond is needed such as joining decks to hulls, joining wood to fiberglass orfor hull seams

Epoxy Aluminum Putty Stick

87004 Epoxy Aluminum Putty Stick

Easy to use; just hand knead for 1 minute and apply to damaged area.

Epoxy Putty Stick

87104 Epoxy Putty Stick

Easy to use; just hand knead until color turns white and apply to damaged area.