Vinyl Care

Vinyl Care

In order to keep vinyl looking its best despite constant exposure to the harsh marine environment and damaging UV rays. Star brite has a wide selection of specially-formulated cleaners and protectants that do the job without harming the surface, as can be the case with bleach, and provide significant, long-term protection unlike spray-on topical treatments that lose effect after a few hours.

Concentrated Vinyl Cleaner & Shampoo

802 Concentrated Vinyl Cleaner & Shampoo

Quickly removes dirt, stains and grease.

Vinyl Brite Protectant

803 Vinyl Brite Protectant

Protects and moisturizes vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces.

Vinyl Cleaner & Polish

910 Vinyl Cleaner & Polish

A revolutionary new formula unlike any other vinyl polish, protectant or treatment.

Ultimate Vinyl Clean

962 Ultimate Vinyl Clean

Formulated to remove tough stains, greasy smears and grime

Ultimate Xtreme Protectant

988 Ultimate Xtreme Protectant

Helps block UV rays that cause fading & drying