Chamois Mops & Wipes

Chamois Mops & Wipes

Star brite Synthetic PVA Wipes absorb 50% more moisture than natural chamois and are unaffected by saltwater; the PVA block outperforms all conventional cellulose sponges, will not harm delicate surfaces and will provide many years of service. The are ideal for boat, auto and RV use. The super-absorbent synthetic chamois mop uses extra-wide strips to makes quick work of washing or drying decks, sunpads, cockpits and all other marine surfaces.

Cotton Mop

40031 Cotton Mop

Cotton mop (40031) only fits quick connect handles.

Quick Connect Chamois Mop

40032 Quick Connect Chamois Mop

Will only fit quick-connect handles.

Boat Blade Water Squeegee

40042 Boat Blade Water Squeegee

Surgical-grade silicone T-shaped blade is the most efficient way to whisk water from all marine surfaces.

Ultimate Water Absorber

40046P Ultimate Water Absorber

ULTIMATE drying power for all surfaces!

Microfiber Detailing Kit

40079 Microfiber Detailing Kit

Ideal for Cleaning, Detailing, and Polishing

Microfiber Cloths

40089 Microfiber Cloths

Ideal for Cleaning, Detailing, and Polishing

Ultra Chamois Mop

40104 Ultra Chamois Mop

The ideal way to dry decks and other marine surfaces.

Microfiber Reggae Wash Mitt

40105 Microfiber Reggae Wash Mitt

Use wet for washing, dry for dusting.

Microfiber Reggae Wet/Dry Pad

40128 Microfiber Reggae Wet/Dry Pad

An innovative tool that reinvents the process of drying a boat.

Ultimate Magic Sponge + Scrub

41011 Ultimate Magic Sponge + Scrub

Scuff & Streak Eraser

Large Scrub Pad Kit

42023 Large Scrub Pad Kit

Durable, Large Handled

Ultimate Water Absorber

42046 Ultimate Water Absorber

Performance Drying Towel