New Products

New Products
Premium Cleaner Wax

896 Premium Cleaner Wax

Cleans, shines and protects in one step

Ultimate Fabric Clean

92132 Ultimate Fabric Clean

Ideal for all marine, RV and outdoor fabrics

Ultimate Pontoon Deck Cleaner

96332 Ultimate Pontoon Deck Cleaner

Safe for all decks, carpets and vinyl

Ultimate Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser

96432 Ultimate Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser

Uses the power of citrus to remove the toughest grime, dirt, fish blood, grease stains and more

Tea Tree Oil - Spray

96516 Tea Tree Oil - Spray

Genuine Australian tea tree oil; ideal for winterized boats & year-round use

Fiberglass Cleaner

96716 Fiberglass Cleaner

Removes oxidation & hazing from fiberglass surfaces

Non-Skid Deck Wax

97316 Non-Skid Deck Wax

Provides a non-slippery barrier against stains and UV exposure

Fiberglass Protectant & Paint Sealer

97416 Fiberglass Protectant & Paint Sealer

Provides durable protection for new or restored surfaces; can be applied over existing wax or polish

Ultimate Fabric Guard

97532 Ultimate Fabric Guard

Extends maximum service life of all outdoor fabrics

Admiral Wax

98516 Admiral Wax

Restores color and shine to fiberglass and painted surfaces