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Reggae Microfiber

Reggae Microfiber

After a day on the water, you need to rinse and dry your boat. Try one of our Super-Absorbent Reggae Microfiber products, they absorb water without scratching glass, polished metal surfaces or even delicate clear plastic enclosures. 

Microfiber Reggae Sponge

40078 Microfiber Reggae Sponge

Special scrubbing side quickly and easily removes tough dirt, stains, scum line on hull.

Microfiber Reggae Wash Mitt

40105 Microfiber Reggae Wash Mitt

Use wet for washing, dry for dusting.

Microfiber Reggae Wet/Dry Pad

40128 Microfiber Reggae Wet/Dry Pad

An innovative tool that reinvents the process of drying a boat.