Polishes & Waxes

Polishes & Waxes

The goal of Star brite polishes is to provide a barrier to UV rays that can damage gelcoat and fade paint, as well as to repel stains in order to keep the surface clean. Star brite Marine Polish is the industry standard for keeping boats looking showroom fresh. For even more protection look to Star brite's PTEF polymer polishes; these polymers actually bond to the surface for unparalleled durability and shine. Premium Marine Polish with PTEF is the ultimate protection for fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces with UV inhibitors to help stop fading an oxidation. Premium Cleaner Wax is formulated to make it easy to remove light oxidation and hazing while sealing the restored finish with PTEF polymers. Specialty polishes include those designed for Aviation applications and metalflake surfaces as well as a colored hull restorer. All are created to be easy to apply and to deliver first-rate results even by first-time users. And when time is in short supply, the Boat Guard and Water Spot Removers are the best way to deliver a fast gloss and add UV protection. The line also includes a classic carnauba wax, rubbing compounds and Instant Glass Cote.

Admiral Wax

98516 Admiral Wax

Restores color and shine to fiberglass and painted surfaces