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Heavy Duty Retractable Tie-Down

Heavy Duty Retractable Tie-Down

Heavy Duty

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  • Tie-down automatically retracts into base
  • Eliminates need to roll and store tie down when not being used
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures years of trouble-free operation
  • Two-step release prevents accidental disengagement
  • Quick and easy installation - Hardware included
  • Vinyl-coated “S” hook prevents scratching of boat surfaces


Operating Instructions
1. To secure boat to trailer, squeeze release tab and lift ratcheting handle to full upright position to release pressure on webbing.
2. Pull webbing and slip the “S” hook into the transom eye.
3. Use the release tab to lower the handle all the way down.
4. Now use the handle to tighten webbing, taking up all excess. Do not overtighten. Make sure the webbing runs in as straight a line as possible to the transom eye, avoiding contact with sharp edges. Within first mile of travel, check tie-down tightness and security of ratcheting tie-down mounting, adjusting as needed.

To Release Tie-Downs
1. Activate release tab and lift handle to upright position.
2. Remove “S” hook from transom eye; webbing will automatically retract. Check webbing before every use. At first indication of fraying or cuts, replace the unit. Do not use this product for anything other than its intended use.

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