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Microfiber Reggae Wet/Dry Pad
Microfiber Reggae Wet/Dry Pad

Microfiber Reggae Wet/Dry Pad

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It is traditional to use a regular mop to dry the overhead and vertical surfaces, but a mop simply isn't the best choice. The best solution is Star brite's new Reggae Pad. This innovative new tool is made from the same thick absorbent microfiber material as the Reggae Mitt, Reggae Mop and Reggae Sponge so it absorbs water without scratching glass, fiberglass, polished metal surfaces or even delicate clear plastic enclosures. This makes it the ideal way to dry the boat's overheads, hard-to-reach exterior areas, windows, large sunpads and seating areas and more. When the reggae pad becomes saturated, simply loosen the drawstring to remove the pad from the triangular plastic base so you can then easily wring it out and remove the water. Then, reinstall the reggae pad on the base, snuggly tighten the handy drawstring, and you're back to drying.

Star brite's new Reggae Pad; part of the Reggae family of boat care solutions from Star brite


  • An innovative tool that reinvents the process of drying a boat.
  • Attaches to Star brite extending handle for easy drying of overheads or other hard-to-reach areas.

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