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NosGUARD SG Mildew Odor Control Bags - Fast Release Formula - Bulk Pack
NosGUARD SG Mildew Odor Control Bags - Fast Release Formula - Bulk Pack

NosGUARD SG Mildew Odor Control Bags - Fast Release Formula - Bulk Pack

Patented CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Delivery System

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NosGUARD SG Mildew Odor Control Bags remove foul odors caused by mold and mildew, cigar or cigarette smoke, spoiled food and other foul, musty smells. The quick release, deep-penetrating vapor thoroughly and completely permeates the treated area to remove unpleasant odors. One unit will treat an area approximately 1,000 cu. ft. in size (10’ H x 10’L by 10’W). If you need to treat a larger area, use 2 pouches placed equally apart at either end of the area. Allow at least 4 to 6 hours for the system to work. (Not recommended for more than 24 hours). For use throughout the year, or to prevent the formation of foul odors, use NosGUARD SG Mildew Odor Control Slow Release Bags. Redo treatment when odors reappear.

NosGUARD SG Mildew Odor Control Bags may be used in boat cabins, automobiles, trucks, RVs and trailers, refuse containers and porta-potties.


  • Fast Release Formula begins working immediately to eliminate foul odors
  • Ideal for use in stored boats & RVs
  • Removes mold/mildew odor as well as musty smells, food & smoke odor
  • Deep penetrating vapor eliminates tough odors within 4-6 hours; doesn't just cover them up
  • Not for sale in Canada or Europe


It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Open the clamshell container and take out the silver foil packet and sponge. Open silver packet and remove the white inner pouch. (DO NOT OPEN WHITE POUCH) The bottom of the pouch has embossed indentations. Saturate the sponge with water. Slide the indented end of the pouch into the slit of the sponge and place it into the clamshell container. Snap the clamshell securely closed. Place clamshell on a stable, flat surface with holes in the clamshell facing up to ensure vapor dissipates evenly. Do not place in a confined area.Open any doors, cabinets and drawers that require treatment.

See Full Directions Inside.

Discard empty packaging pouch and spent NosGUARD SG pouch in an outdoorrefuse container.

NOTE: NosGuard SG is not to be used while people or pets are present. Air out the area after treatment. Not for sale in Canada or Europe.


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