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Oil Absorbent Sheets - 5 Pack

Oil Absorbent Sheets - 5 Pack

15" x 19" 5 Pack

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    15" x 19"
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Oil Absorbent Sheets hold and retain petroleum products (oil, fuel, grease) to keep boat bilges, engine rooms, shops and garages clean.


  • Quickly absorbs oil and fuel, but will not absorb water.
  • Made of high-quality, virgin materials; will not unravel
  • Can be wrung out and re-used.
  • Ideal for wrapping fuel nozzle to prevent refueling spills


DIRECTIONS: For shop or storage use, place one or more sheets under vehicle to absorb oil or fuel spills and leaks. Oil Absorbent Sheets make a great place holder on shop benches while performing carburetor repairs or similar jobs; the sheets simplify cleanup and help avoid misplaced nuts, bolts, tools or parts.

For bilge and engine room use, place sheets in bilge or under engine. Secure as required to avoid interference with bilge pumps or other equipment. For best results, replace sheets at least twice annually.

HELP KEEP OUR ENVIRONMENT HEALTHY. Please dispose of oily waste at an oil collection site. Contact your county or state agencies, or your local harbormaster for more information.

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